ATHENS 1956 -
R.N. TCG   30450


Diploma in Architecture, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) 1974 - 1979


Freelance Architect - Architectural Design Office STUDIO 3 + 1 ARCHITECTS 1979 - 2014

Painting, Contemporary Dance, Poetry - Today


Τwo-storey Wooden House in Dioni, Attica, 2008 - 2009.


Anastasia Pepe was born in Athens in 1956. Both her parents were secondary school
teachers – her father was a philologist and her mother a mathematician. She has a brother.
She has been married to Petros Bertzouanis – an architect of NTUA – since 1982, and they
have two sons.

During her childhood, she lived in Evia. Due to her parents’ profession, as a child, she lived
with her parents in various parts of provincial Greece, such as Evia and Thessalia, often
travelling back and forth to Athens. In the end, she attended high school at Homerion Model
High School for Girls at N. Smyrni, Athens. The school building had been recently built by the
architects Tasos and Dimitris Biris, in a modern architectural style.

She also took sketching and painting lessons at ABC for children, and classical dance
lessons. Growing up in an educated environment, Anastasia had come into contact with art
and literature at an early age. As a result, sketching, painting, dancing and literature have
been following Anastasia ever since, throughout her life. During adolescence, she travelled
abroad with her parents to Western Europe, and then during her studies in architecture,
with her classmate in NTUA Petros Bertzouanis to Scandinavia, where she studied Finnish
architecture by A. Aalto, who inspired her and put his mark on her general perception of

From 1974 till 1979, she was in Scandinavia studying at the NTUA School of Architecture
along with Petros Bertouzanis. Anastasia and Petros Bertzouanis finished their studies at the
NTUA at the same time, and afterwards, they both worked as freelance architects. They are
founding members of the Architectural Design Office STUDIO 3 + 1 ARCHITECTS. Their son
Alexander Bertzouanis, an architect of Patras University, joined them in this venture from
2007 to 2014 .
First, they created the architectural team “OM.AP.EM.” (1983), and collaborated with the
architects G. Vogiatzis and G. Kyriazis, initially for Environmental Impact Studies of road
construction projects, and then for undertaking projects of public interest.

Her office, STUDIO 3+1 ARCHITECTS, was located at 6, Bouaion Str, Athens, which is a
private building near the top of Mt.Tourkovounia.

In 1998, Anastasia Pepe worked for eight months, in the Ministry of Environmental Energy
and Climate Change, in the environmental department.

In 1999, the office won First prize in the competition for Greek Ecological Housing-2000,
with the building "Two-floor residence and Office for two Architects in Athens".
At her office, STUDIO 3+1 ARCHITECTS, she followed Ecological architecture and the
Bioclimatic Design with Passive Solar Systems, active mainly in Athens, Patras and the
islands of Crete, Evia and Aegina. Either working alone or collaborating with her husband,
from 1980 to 2014, Anastasia Pepe built mainly private projects and bioclimatic houses on
the outskirts of the city of Athens and Patras, based on the principles of modernism. Using
all types of materials, she constructed buildings from rough concrete and composite metal
structures to the wooden ecological structures. In public projects, she worked mainly with
Swimming Pools and Environmental Impact Studies.
She, along with P. Bertzouanis have repeatedly been awarded for their work and
participation in architectural exhibitions in Greece and abroad. She has presented their
work at conferences and workshops.

Anastasia was a representative of SADAS-PEA in the EPAE of Piraeus, Urban Planning Office,
(1992-93, 1994-95) and was a member of the Editorial Committee of “ARCHITECTS”
magazine, of the association SADAS-PEA, for 5 years (from February 2001 to Jan 2006).
She often writes articles on bioclimatic architecture. Her texts are published in online
magazines and on her office blog in architecture:

She has also dealt with classical, modern, expressive and jazz dance, and improvisation in
dancing. Additionally, throughout her life, Anastasia never stopped writing, discussing and
contemplating, sketching, painting and publishing texts of architecture and phenomenology
of the built space.

Anastasia Pepe has been writing poetry since 1996 when she first published the surrealist
poetry collection “POETIC MYTHOLOGY”. In 2014, she won 1st prize in the 1st Panhellenic
Poetry Competition-Haiku. Since then, she has written two collections of poems in classical
Japanese poetry, HAIKOU AND ONE KIKO and 22 TANKA.
Her blog of poems is:

• TEE no.30450. Registered at the Ministry of Public Works, Degree of B’ grade,
Category 6 (Architectural Designs of buildings) and B’ grade Category 27 (Environmental
• Association of Greek Architects – Panhellenic Union of Architects (SADAS-PEA).
• Editorial Committee in magazine's "Architects" of SADAS-PEA (2001 – 2006).


ADDRESS: “Studio 3+1 ARCHITECTS” 6, Bouaion ., 115 24, Athens, Greece
TEL: 210-69.18783